Blast from the Past

Here’s to the Sunny Slopes of Long Ago

In 2008, my dear uncle, the rancher/salesman of pharmaceuticals to large animal owners/secret cowboy/and all around stand-up gentleman, Mr. Darrel J. Kane, hired me to make a mural for his new house.¬† It was an awesome project — pulling me out of my city life bubble and dropping me right into the middle of a […]

The Hairy Ape

I have created a category called, “Blast from the Past” where I will share with you projects from my past.¬† The first piece is an illustration I did for Marin Theater company for a performance in 2001 of the Eugene O’Neill’s, “The Hairy Ape,”¬†directed by Lee Sankowich. I worked with Karen Koster and Ellie Mednick […]